Saturday June 11th

Post No Bills
June 11th, 20:00
Dansehallerne, Carlsberg (performance non verbal dance)

Interested in seeing theatre in English in Copenhagen? Join our International Theatre Nights during the CPH STAGE Festival!


20:00 – Show begins! Join us for drinks afterwards.

Tickets – 80kr – Email sns@cphstage.com. You’ll then receive an email telling you when your tickets are ready to collect. Please note discounted price tickets will only be available if the event secures 10 or more participants in total. Participants will receive confirmation of final price via email.

Or book full price directly via this link.

About Post No Bills

”The unique dancer Kitt Johnson performs a solo which looks at man’s existence in times of crisis. A raw space provides the backdrop for this dark story, while Johnson’s tiny body and its simple movements take the observer by storm.”
Selected as a highlight by the CPH STAGE programme committee.

Choreographer and dancer Kitt Johnson has created yet another challenging, thought-provoking solo performance.

POST NO BILLS is a radical call to view crisis as a creative power of transformation; as an opportunity to constructively rethink our existence. In the words of the choreographer, it is “a performance that edges its way in where composure is irrevocably lost and the new and unknown barely glimpsed. Right there, we meet the broken and disillusioned human with empty hands. Sent back to square one and free to re-invent the beginning.”

POST NO BILLS has been described as ’a masterpiece within the crisis art of recent years’ (Politiken) and already brought Kitt Johnson several awards.

About International Theatre Nights

From 1st-12th June Copenhagen welcomes the CPH STAGE Festival- showcasing over 100 local and international performances in theatres across the city.

CulturePie is teaming up with the festival and we’re delighted to introduce a series of International Theatre Nights, new for 2016 – a series of English-speaking theatre events from the programme for our International friends!

Experience Danish and International theatre at its best! These events will introduce Danish theatre to newcomers to the city, tourists, or simply new theatre-goers.

Featuring hand-picked performances from our International Programme, you can experience a wealth of theatre, meet other internationals, and even get the chance to join us for exclusive artist talks or group discussions afterwards. It’s the perfect introduction to CPH STAGE!

Whatever you’re into or want to try; dance, contemporary drama, immersive performance art, even a theatre bike tour – we’re sure we’ll have something to tempt you. You can read more about the programme here – so open your diary, open your mind and join us!